Why sell?

The hospitality industry is an exciting place to work, however long hours and working over the public holidays can take its toll. Running a small hotel or B&B is a huge commitment – they are open 24/7 365 days a year – and at some point you may need to take a step back. Whether it’s time to retire and take a permanent break from running a business, or you decide to move into another sector and start a new career, once you sell your asset you’ll have cash to spend however you decide.

Business owners decide to sell for multiple reasons – but it’s a tough decision to make. You’ve built up your business in blood, sweat and tears so it can be hard to let go! Getting an accurate valuation of your business will help you make the right decision.

Choosing a broker

If you’ve made a definite decision to sell up, then it’s time to choose a trustworthy business broker to take care of the sale process. We understand it’s a daunting decision so make sure you have all the facts before signing up with a broker. Consider how many registered buyers they have and if they are relevant for your type of business.

When comparing brokers, it’s also essential to compare fees and weigh up the deals they are offering you. Make sure for instance, if a broker offers advertising fees for business marketplace listings that you are getting a good deal, you should be saving money. Look out for how brokers choose to set out their different charges, some may include legal and financial fees or some may have them separate. It’s important to realise that one broker who offers a separate legal fee may offer the best, experienced panel for you to choose from giving you a better, efficient sale progression.

Tailored advice

We recognise that all businesses and business owners are completely different, and need a wide range of advice and support. Our advisers are experienced in a vast range of sectors and have sold businesses of all sizes, so your hotel or B&B sale is safe with us. Throughout the entire process we’ll provide tailored advice and ensure you understand each stage of the sale. Our trusted partners, including solicitors and accountants, are also on hand if we need specialist support.

Selling a Guest House, B&B and Hotel