The answer is to find a good business broker. The right broker can reduce that risk by providing access to relevant buyers and offering value for money. Don’t let agency fees eat into your hard-earned profits! We know how important it is to get the best value for money which is why we guide you through every stage of the selling process. It’s understandable if you don’t have the time required to advertise your business and find an ideal buyer, so why not let us do it for you?

Honest, friendly advice

At Hilton Smythe, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We care about you and your business, so selling with us will feel easy and stress-free! We have an open and transparent approach to everything we do. We tell it like it is.

This means, with us, you will get no fluff and no jargon. When it comes to selling businesses, we excel at giving good honest advice from our industry experts. We understand that relationships work off trust and our success rate in selling businesses should speak for itself.

As a small business, fish and chip shops and takeaways are very popular and there is usually a good choice on the market.

There is certainly no shortage of fish and chip shops in the UK as they are firmly rooted in British culture and tradition. Drive through any small town in the UK and you will most certainly find a local fish and chip shop serving up a treat to its customers. To put it into context, there’s over 10,000 fish and chip shops in the UK and many of these are family businesses.

While this means there are normally quite a few buyers interested in these types of businesses, it also means you’ll have to work hard to stand out from the rest and entice buyers to your traditional chippy. Finding the right buyer can be a challenging process without the right support but with an experienced business broker, like Hilton Smythe, the process will be much easier.

Exit with pride

Whatever your reasons for selling the business, you’re bound to have mixed feelings about it. Many business owners call their company their baby, as it’s such a huge part of their life and it takes a lot of hard work to nurture it! It’s very easy for people to grow an emotional attachment to their business yet, in life, some circumstances require us to change direction. If the time has come to move on, you should make sure to end on a high and exit the business with pride.

One of the most important things to do is to focus on the positives of the business – that’s what buyers need to see. If you’ve built it from the ground up, or have drastically revamped the menu since you took over the business, it’s something to be proud of. Many people dream of becoming a business owner, and you’ve achieved it. Now it’s time to understand what the business is worth and find the right buyer, to capitalise on your achievements.

We have a large team of dedicated professionals working on nationwide business sales. Our sales progression team are on hand throughout the sales process, helping you complete all the necessary paperwork and ensuring the sale completes as smoothly and quickly as possible. This makes the process even smoother, guiding you through the process right until the completion of the sale.

If you’re ready to put your fish and chip shop on the market, get in touch with us today to arrange your free valuation.