Here at CoGoGo, we’ve seen countless first-time buyers pass through our doors, seeking support with their move into the world of entrepreneurship. We’re always here to give you a push in the right direction and help you escape your 9-5. 

Dance to your own beat

Remember all those brilliant ideas you jotted down in your notebook during those boring staff meetings? Owning your own business – whether it be a motorcycle dealership, a marketing agency, or a construction company – gives you the freedom to carve out your own path without being subject to someone else’s rules.

Tired of working a dead-end job?

Owning your own business will be a baptism of fire in marketing, sales, logistics, customer service, accounting, and legislation. You’ll get a crash course in real-world business operations and hands-on experience across multiple job roles.

Reap the fruits of your labour 

Struggling to get that pay rise? Business ownership allows you to take control of your income potential, empowering you to drive sales and increase profitability. In fact, entrepreneurial households have been shown to own much more wealth compared to, other households.

Flexible hours and working style? Yes, please!

One of the greatest attractions of business ownership is flexible hours. Working parents, especially, struggle to fit their 9-5 (plus commutes) around school pick-ups, while also juggling the domestic workload. 

And as more and more employers row back on their from-home working arrangements, there has never been a better time to take control of your schedule and working location. Whether it’s a cosy nook in your home, a trendy co-working space, or anywhere else (with good Wi-Fi and great coffee!), the choice of office space is yours.

Shaping company culture

Company culture is one of the most important factors in staff recruitment and retention. As the CEO, you’ll be able to shape this in accordance with your own values. Customer centricity? Integrity? Innovation? Early finish Fridays? It’s all in your hands. 

CoGoGo offers a wide range of buyer-ready businesses across numerous sectors that benefit from already established processes, client bases, branding and infrastructure. And for first-time entrepreneurs, there is no better place to start than with a trusted business broker who can match you with a business that aligns with your skills, goals and aspirations.

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